Post Covid-19 era : The new normal & future of HR automation

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HR automation

In the Covid-19 era of challenges with managing health, work from home and other dynamic changes taking place in business environments, companies need to constantly rethink and realign their strategies for growth & sustainability. Regardless of all these changes, one key component remains consistent in organizations – ‘Managing Human Capital’.

A consistent success factor of every business is strong and talented human resources. Effective engagement and collaboration with resources and teams can increase productivity, enhance operational efficiency, increase revenue, and maintain a sustainable talent base for every business. HR automation is the future of work and the winning bet for sustainable business practices. It can reshape both employee and employer experience.

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Hence, it is imperative that the HR industry rapidly switches to the new normal of automation, AI and big data analytics in order to gain from the broader and specific benefits that they bring with it.

HR industry rapidly switches

How it helps?

When HR leaders stay on the forefront of this revolutionary shift, their companies will be able to visibly benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Aligning human resources towards company goals and objectives.
  • Streamlining human resource processes to save time and cost, with effective delivery.
  • Engaging effectively with teams and resources, while creating strong brand ambassadors.
  • Managing and utilizing critical talent effectually.

How to automate?

In an era, where technology is pervasive, a change in mindset for those integral to the HR industry is most essential. Start by realigning your HR automation requirements based on business criticality, business process maturity and current & long-term strategies of the company. Automating many or all these areas, gives HR & business managers, the leverage to work hand in hand with their teams with significant focus towards coaligned business goals & objectives.

What you need to know?

To familiarize yourself with the concept of HR automation and how it can help your workplace thrive, we will take you through four key areas – operational efficiency, talent management, performance management and communication & engagement.

concept of HR automation

Operational efficiency

By automating day to day HR operations & business processes, such as  – time and attendance, leave management, employee benefits, employee claims, general internal HR reviews and approval processes, companies can save time, cost of work delivered and management of necessary records. At an advanced stage of business maturity, through existing HR automation, companies can even manage the HR-Business relationship via critical SLA & TAT management creating strong operational efficiency with clear focus on continuous improvements within the company.

Talent Management

With well planned & defined HR automation, companies can create a foundation for robust talent management. In the very center of such automation, companies can manage basic recruitment, onboarding of resources, continuous learning, and development of resources. Further, such well-defined automation can enable HR & Business managers to ensure business critical resources are identified and succession planning is carried out. In addition, companies with large scale talent management requirements can also utilize automated processes with pre-defined filters & parameters to optimize screening process to ensure right talent is secured for the company.

Talent Management

Performance Management

With performance management remaining at the very core of HR focus in every company, it is but safe to say that it is not just an evaluation of employees at the end of a period for the purpose of promotion or increment, but, it is to engage & cultivate a culture of performance within the company that is aligned with strategic objectives and the functions within. Every team, department & function is equally responsible for the delivery of its goals & objectives, which will then enable companies to leap-frog towards business growth & success. By automating performance management related processes, companies can benefit by being able to get a consistent feedback loop with its teams & resources, for stronger engagement towards its original goals & objectives.

Communication & Engagement

One of the key challenges many companies face especially in Covid-19 times is consistent communication & engagement with its teams. With added challenges of dynamic work timings and environment, day to day change is driven by the global health organizations, wider society and government statutes. To ease this task, a valuable automation tool such as an Employee Self Service Portal, could be a huge asset.  By automating the area of communication and engagement, companies can benefit by dynamically connecting both management & employees, anytime and anywhere in a positively engaged environment. With such automation, companies can build an effective two-way interaction channel with its workforce.

With automation, artificial intelligence and big data analytics taking a significant entry into the all aspect of business process, incorporating it into the primary function of HR is inevitable. For this, upskilling resources to understand artificial intelligence, automation and the role of technology within the corporate environment will be of primary importance. HR automation is going to redefine the function within the business process as the biggest driver of growth and performance efficiency.

Communication & Engagement

Regardless of the maturity level of your business process, various HR automation tools and solutions are now available which with their multifold benefits, can bring measurable value to the objectives of growth & sustainability of the company in a constantly changing business environment.

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