Message from Our Founder


Mythili Ananth

Founder, Chairman and CEO

We at arête™, believe that today technology is one of the key pillars for any successful enterprise. With adaptation to technology enterprises not only incorporate dynamic and efficient systems to grow, but they also contribute to the betterment and advancement of society. Adaptation of technology is like having a ripple effect within communities that the enterprise serves in. In today’s business ecosystem, enterprises must be agile to face emerging challenges and also be continually innovative, to tap into opportunities.

Our aim is to support such enterprises by providing them technology solutions that have faster implementation, easier adaptation and affordable pricing. We believe in consistent improvements and bring superior technology solutions to our customers.

We have a talented and passionate team who are dedicated to support and serve clients, with a focus on creating business value through our solutions. Our team aims to build an efficient, cost-effective and responsive product portfolio, enabling enterprises to thrive in the competent landscape.

We look forward to working with you and your business in creating a global business ecosystem that is not only progressive but also sustainable for the future.

Mythilli Ananth
Founder and Principal Consultant