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arête - Invoice and Quotation Management System

arête iQMS - Quarterly

₹ 2,575

(Prices exclude taxes)
arête iQMS - Annually

₹ 7,920

(Prices exclude taxes)
arête iQMS On Premise - Perpetual

₹ 37,140

(Prices exclude taxes)

arête iQMS is a one-stop solution that enables end-users to create and manage inventory, invoices, sales quotes, receipts, customer records, etc. With precise navigation, flexible user experience settings, analytics, dashboards, and reports as requested, it offers the best service for its clients. Arete aims at small and medium enterprises & helps them to make their job easy and seamless.

Create invoices and quotations in seconds

arête iQMS enables invoices and quotations on the go.

create invoice quotation

Hassle-free Inventory Management

Add stocks, define products, set selling prices, view stock analysis, track outgoing stocks, and much more.

manage inventory


Get a glimpse of your business. Charts speak louder than words, view your stock in and out, selling price, and so on.

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