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Follow the money – All you need to know about the money trail for your small business
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How to be environment-friendly by switching to technology?



Switching to digital invoicing saves cost, time and the environment. Efficient billing means efficient business.
When defining your business processes, identify every step, even minor ones. This will reduce gaps in automation and enable effective implementation.
Security of customer data is one of the foundation elements to confidently using a cloud-based solution. At aréte, we make it our primary focus to ensure optimum data integrity and security in our cloud
Technology change management has to align with enterprises on an ongoing basis. Only by investing in ongoing IT change management processes, can businesses reach their desired outcome and provide the best customer experience.
For small businesses, technology can support all functions from office automation to communication, business process optimization and more. By using a focused and planned approach to digitalise, businesses can scale up and diversify quicker than their competitors who do not digitally adapt.
Having a digital ID card like a website and social media presence, adds a more professional outlook to any business. But integrating it with a backend CRM or a marketing automation tool, strategically helps create more channels for lead generation and boosting business sales.
Digital Transformation is not a single project, it's a cumulative review of your current and future strategies on how to adapt technology and leverage its strengths to grow your business.
The one important focus of every enterprise should be "agreement to change". Any technology project be it ERP implementation or ERP upgrade or others will be easier to achieve if change management is a key focus area.
Implementing a technology is not an IT initiative, it is a business initiative as it involves people, process and technology to be successful.
For ensuring more effective technology change management, one key focus area is to define your business processes and provide clarity to employees. This will enable them to understand in detail how the process and teams can work together to gain faster technology adaptation.
For companies that want to continuously improve and embark on digital transformation, the best place to begin is to define your end-to-end business processes.
In Sales, when we need to meet multiple deadlines such as quotation submission, orders management, product replacement, price negotiation, timely response to customers - using dynamic dashboards and tracking sales KPIs, with reminders and notifica- Mons can better manage the sales processes while enabling you to anticipate problems and mitigate sales risks.